In Iran, millions households are believed to use SINJER products. These indicators regarding the performance are supported by the many international quality and technology awards such as EFQM-2010, and standards OHSAS- 18001-2007, ISO-14001-3004 , ISO 10002 , ISO 8001-2008 S and other prizes SINJER received, has continuously been selected the most admired Iranian company in it's sectors,through it's efficiency and continuity of management systems to fulfill the customer and other beneficiary expectation

company's recent goal is "to possess one of three most preferred brands in green technology in its sector

SINJER main aim is to get consent of all customers,staff,society ,business partners ,distributors and the other beneficiary by following below items

    1- Rising the quality of the products by following relevant standards and essential strategy of the procedure and activities and products

2 -promoting our products in competitive price through reducing the circle of process and following the green management


3-Acting with the perspective of customer satisfaction and environment-friendliness,and green theory

4-developing after sales service by implementing state-of-the art technologies to satisfy our customer needs beyond their expectations

5-recognizing, analyze and controlling all side of environmental and safty risk and occupational health of staff ,in order to preventing any environmental pollution and occupational injury in all sector

6-training and development of the staff are planned according to the needs and training programs are organized within or outside the company

allocating resources to make its mark in lots of innovations and present environment-friendly, new and advanced products to the consumers

head manager commited himself to fulfill all commitment and all manager are responsible to follow above rules